Fringe is My X-Files

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I loved The X-Files. It grossed me out so completely that I sometimes hid my face in my husband’s shoulder and once or twice I had to leave the room and have him tell me what happened, but I loved that show. We even dressed up as Scully and Mulder one Halloween and rigged a speaker to play the theme music from the pocket of his suit coat. But, my beloved X-Files is gone, has been for quite awhile. I thought nothing new could take it’s place. Until Fringe.

Now, I know it’s been out for a few years, but if you haven’t given it a chance and you’re a fan of secret conspiracies by powerful people you think you can trust but can’t and involve a parallel world whose existence threatens our own, then this is the show for you. In the middle of all this mystery, there’s Special Agent Dunham (Agent Scully) Peter Bishop (Agent Mulder) and Doctor Walter Bishop (The Lone Gunmen) whose quirky brilliance alternates between mesmerizing and frightening.

Fringe has the requisite amount of gore to stand up to its predecessor. Walter Bishop is forever studying some ooey-gooey specimen like the mad scientist he is, all while he’s slurping down a milk shake or some other concoction likely to make you cringe. There’s lots of science here, crazy, off the wall and unbelievable, but it’s there. As The X-Files drew it’s storyline from aliens, Fringe draws on science and the possibility that what we do with it might not always be in anyone’s best interest.

I’ve heard people say they’ve tried to jump in and watch but, as good as it is, they’re lost by the complex story. Yes, it’s a fantastically detailed and complex storyline, but this the internet and there are plot summaries out there that will set you straight and get you all caught up so you can fully appreciate the story. New episodes have just begun airing Fridays on Fox so pull up a chair, grab a blanket to cover your eyes, and let’s see what happens next.

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