Easy DIY Snowman Cookies

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Here is a great and easy way to decorate Oreo cookies to give as gifts. I originally saw the idea at the decorated cookie, a blog that has tons of great ideas and lots of good recipes and advice. What initially caught my eye was a post where white Oreos had been decorated with snowflakes and snowmen faces. I have to admit: I tried the snowflakes and mine came out, well, less-than-perfect. On the bright side, you can eat your mistakes and no one has to know.

I decided that the snowman might be simpler, and I gave him a go. I started out with white fudge covered Oreos that I’d purchased at my local grocery store. I whipped up a batch of royal icing, tinted it black and orange, and piped on the snowman’s features. When piping, you can use either bags and tips or a squeeze bottle. Personally, I prefer the bottles, as I feel like I have more control. Either way: the end result is super cute!

For my second batch, I couldn’t find white Oreos, so I bought some peppermint ones and dipped them in chocolate. This is fairly simple. You buy chocolate melting wafers (available at craft and baking stores) and just follow the directions for melting. To make mine extra peppermint-y, I flavored the chocolate. (Warning: Don’t use the peppermint extract you bought last year at the food store for this project! It contains water, which will make your chocolate seize up. You’ll want to buy the candy flavoring, instead.)

Back to the dipping! Take one cookie at a time and drop it in the chocolate, turning to coat. Slide a fork under the cookie and gently tap on the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate. Scrape the bottom of the fork on the bowl and then gently slide the cookie onto wax paper to let dry. Once the chocolate coating is dry, you can use the royal icing to pipe on the eyes, nose, and mouth. On some of my snowmen, I used black sugar pearls for the eyes (which resulted, I think, in a cleaner look). After the cookies were completely dry, I bagged them into treat bags and added this cute bag topper I found at Skip to My Lou (graciously provided for free) as a finishing touch.

These decorated cookies will make great gifts for neighbors, teachers, family, etc. and they are easy enough that the kids can help, too!

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3 thoughts on “Easy DIY Snowman Cookies

  1. We have a very good chocolate factory in town that actually SELLS chocolate-covered Oreos, but they also sell break-up melting chocolate which I’ve found exactly covers one package of Oreos– it’s SO easy and the results are SO impressive to make your own chocolate-covered Oreos and give them out as little gifts! I normally just decorate mine with drizzles of other shades of chocolate because I’m boring. And like chocolate. But cute decorating is even better!

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