Wicked Witch of the East Cupcake

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The Wicked Witch of the East: a character that you see very little of… just the legs, in fact.  This is my nod to Wizard of Oz this Halloween season.  Everything on this cupcake is delicious!

What you’ll need:


Green frosting

Wilton grass tip

White chocolate

Chocolate chips

Graham crackers

Thin pretzel stick

Red gumdrop

Yellow gumdrop

2 wooden skewers

A little bit of white fondant


1.  Take a graham cracker and split it in half.  Taper the sides of both squares very slightly with a knife.  Then cut only one of the squares in fourths (horizontally).

2.  Dip the graham crackers fourths into white chocolate and drain off the excess.  Freeze the “house boards”.  Spread white chocolate on the other graham cracker square, then attach the “boards”.

3.  Cut out a graham cracker triangle shape for the roof of your house, then dip it in chocolate.  Freeze it, then apply some melted chocolate to the back of it and attach it to your house.  Freeze it. (This is the back side view.)

4.  For the window, flatten a yellow gumdrop, then cut a square.

5.  Using melted white chocolate, attach your window.  Then use melted chocolate to pipe the window panes.  Finally, dip a pretzel stick (that is the right size for your windowsill) in white chocolate.  After freezing it, attach it at the bottom of your window with white chocolate.

6.  I like a distressed look on my “house boards” so I smear melted chocolate on them and rub it in to get that antique kind of look (totally optional).  Your house should be done now.  Always keep it chilled or in the freezer.

7.  Take your cupcake and using the wilton grass tip (also optional) pipe “grass” with green frosting.

8.  Insert skewers that are trimmed down so that they insert complelety in the cupcake and are tall enough to support the “house”.  Lean the house up against it and then reinforce it by piping frosting over the back of the skewers and the house (at the base).  Chill it.

9.  For the legs, cut a red gumdrop in half, then mold it to look like shoes.  Then roll out two fondant ropes that are the length you want the legs.  Put melted chocolate in a plastic bag that has a small tip cut and pipe lines on the legs.  Using that same chocolate attach the “shoes”.  Chill or freeze.

10.  Place the legs on the frosting in front of the house.  The frosting will secure the legs in place.  These cupcakes should always remain chilled.  They are suprisingly sturdy and secure once the frosting is chilled.  (And by sturdy, I mean I dropped one of mine and it was totally okay.)


Now show off your cupcakes!!!


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