Geek Crafts: A Banned Book Week Roundup

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Image: Sarah Pinault

We’ve all seen the paraphernalia, T-shirts, mugs and the like. I personally have a button of “Everything I Need to Know About Life I’ve Learned By Reading Banned Books.” Incidentally that wasn’t the button I was asked to remove by the Homeland Security officer, but that’s a story for a different week of censorship. Putting aside the glib statement and the run of the mill merchandise that goes with it, and there are some really neat book crafts you can get up to this week as part of the festivities. Now while I am not a big fan of desecrating the written word, if you have old duplicate copies, a stained edition or just three copies of Pride and Prejudice, ahem, there is always something you can put to good use. Be careful of mold on old pages if you plan on doing any of these crafts with your kids.

Try doing that with a Kindle.

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1 thought on “Geek Crafts: A Banned Book Week Roundup

  1. Thanks for mentioning our Banned Books projects!

    Although people continue to challenge books, the number actually banned (in the US) is dropping…so keep up the good fight. 🙂

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