Education Week: Help! My Slow Eater Needs Fast Breakfast

I made these with molds from Williams Sonoma. They don't have them anymore, but they do have Cars and Star Wars themed pancake molds.

On a lazy Saturday morning, we pour pancake batter into molds. On an industrious Saturday morning, we might drizzle it by hand onto the griddle in the shapes of the Enterprise and a battling Klingon vessel. On weekday mornings, I’m thankful that day care feeds my kids breakfast right after I drag them out of bed and drop them off–until last week.

Last week kindergarten started. The bus leaves day care headed for school before they get breakfast. That means I need to feed my kindergartner. That means I need help.

Pancakes are great. They’re reasonably quick and delicious. But my kids can make a pancake–or any plate of food–last half the day. They’re both slow eaters. If I tried to serve a bowl of cereal before school tomorrow, I’d be dropping her off at her first day of college by the time she finished it.

That means I need fast food in the actual sense of speed, not as in McDonald’s. I was raised to shun prepared foods, but the box of frozen Eggos is looking better and better. It’s quick to cook, and worst case, reasonably solid in its toasted crispiness so that she could take it along in the car.

I’m not a fan of Pop Tarts (which seem more like dessert, at best) or those cereal bars with the mysterious milk-replacing goo in them. I’m of the radical opinion that food should be made of… well, food. But real food is rarely fast, and thus I find my morning Scylla and Charybdis.

Mommies of slow eaters, help me out. How do I either convince my kids to eat a plate of food before the next meal begins or get a decent breakfast in them (at least the one who has to go to school) quickly?

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