Down With The Sickness



Image: Mandy Horetski

I didn’t get the con crud from my recent visit to Dragon*Con, but I have been laid low by a cold that I got from my toddler. Even though she had it too, she didn’t seem to let the cold stop her from her daily activities.

I was feeling groggy and tired from the cold medicine as I watched my daughter run circles around the house or play pretend games with her toys. It made me tired just watching her.

It was really interesting how the exact same strain of cold had such different responses in us. I usually feel fairly young since I’m pretty young at heart – in fact, I boggle sometimes that I’m actually married, a mom and an adult.

But this cold made me feel all of my 34 years and made me feel old as it didn’t seem to slow my daughter down at all. We are both nearly cured now but I’m still feeling old when I look at my child.

Are there things your child does to make you feel all of your years?

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5 thoughts on “Down With The Sickness

  1. THAT. How do they DO that? And WHY if they’re going to ACT like they’re not sick at all can’t they just PRETEND they are calm and sitting still and not needing you to do anything/stop them from hurting themselves/each other/the house/you so that you can just lie around in PEACE for five minutes at least?!

    I really miss the days when I could spend my sick days laying on the couch with a cup of tea watching DVD special features all day…

  2. Just passing her age milestones makes me feel older. Before my age wasn’t really anchored by the year of my birth it was all something in my head. Somehow having my daughter at 3x year plus 1.5 years now makes me feel old. Like I am anchored in time by the fixed point of her birth. Why her birth anchors me more than my own I don’t know. Knowing I’ll have a 2year old and a newborn and then be turning 3x that year makes me want to weep a bit. However, I am younger than some. One of my friends had her daughter at 42 eek!

  3. Love that song you used in the title, by the way!

    We made friends with a family here who I recently learned was 46 when she had her TRIPLET daughters! Mom is now 52. Boggles my mind!

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