Breaking Dawn: Counting Down

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Words escape me on this one. I came in late to the game but devoured the Twilight books in about two weeks. I can’t say that Stephenie Meyer is a great writer, but she can certainly write a compelling story. This trailer raises one big question for me: Where will part one end and part two begin? The Twilight series is like a drug, you either have a bad reaction to it, or can’t get enough – whether you want to or not. Me? I wish this movie didn’t excite me, but it does. I wish I had anticipated Star Wars Episode 3 as much as Breaking Dawn, but I don’t. I wish I could read Madame Bovary as fast, but I can’t!

See you on November 18.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn: Counting Down

  1. Yeah. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m excited too. I actually go to the midnight screenings with my teenaged daughter and some co-workers. For the first movie my daughter was really into it and was actually mad at me for laughing at one point. Now she laughs too. But we still can’t stay away!

  2. I can’t wait for this movie. Yeah, I know, Twilight isn’t great literature. McDonalds isn’t gourmet cooking, but sometimes I just want fries and a McFlurry. %-)

    1. I always say the same thing! Reading Stephenie Meyer is like eating a greasy cheeseburger. It tastes really good while your consuming it, but an hour later you’re left with indigestion. (However, I am excited to see the movie!)

  3. I agree. It’s a very guilty pleasure, that Twilight series. 🙂 But I’m confused on one point: Isn’t November, in fact, TWO months away rather than just one?

  4. Pah. The books were good fun; the movies so far are terrible. I’ll watch this one when it comes out on video like all the rest. My bet is it ends with her “giving birth.”

  5. I believe the end point of the movie will be right after she becomes a vampire so that part two begins with her waking up. I hate to admit it but I am excited for the movie too 🙂

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