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One of my favorite things about YouTube is that every week is music week. Given the number of excellent original songs posted to YouTube each day, I could build a unique playlist every week without repeating any song twice. In fact, I’m going to do that. Starting now, with the following five songs:

‘A Frustrating Thing’ by singadingding115 is the first song of the week. Don’t worry! The song itself belies its troubling title, and the video is a lovely capture of the nostalgia that lingers after a summer day spent outside with a friend.  

‘A New Kind of Sexy’ is up next, and as the title implies, this love song is not for the kids. Don’t think for a minute that it’s a bad one, though. George Watsky’s latest song (feat. Intuition & Dumbfoundead) promotes self-respect and embracing a healthy body image.

DeStorm‘s ‘Punch Out’ is a video game-themed song that’s motivational, catchy, and perfect for work-out listening. In fact, it’s the sort of song you’ll catch me singing under my breath anytime I’ve gotta be a responsible grown-up in spite of myself. However, it includes a few swears, so parents should screen it before sharing it with kids.  

‘Adult Female’ by Hank Green (of the vlogbrothers) is a love song that I adore for two important reasons: It calls into question an uncomfortable element found in most other love songs, and like ‘A New Kind of Sexy’ above, it turns the love song genre on its ear to make it meaningful.

Finally, ‘Cupcake Count-Off’ by theDesignmachine is straight-up frosted adorableness for the whole family.

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