This Week With the GeekMoms


Helene has been busily working on getting her latest creation, Lady Astrid’s Laboratory, up and running smoothly. She has also been continuing her frenzied preparations for Intervention, while fighting off the summer cold that has gripped her entire house.

Alexandra Siy has been traveling most of the summer, her latest trip to the White Mountains in California where she photographed ancient bristlecone pine trees for a new book. She kissed the oldest know tree on earth (named Methusela) and hiked up White Mountain–the third highest in California at about 14,500 feet. She is happy to be home with the kids and can’t wait to go tubing with them on Boulder Creek.

Rebecca Angel is getting her kids ready for 4H entries at our local county fair. Then we plan to look at cute bunnies and eat cotton candy.

Nicole B. is editing a comic series for the first time in years, and the first issue hit stores this week. The Stand: The Night Has Come #1 begins the final installment in the graphic adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.

Kris Bordessa spent hours geeking out over the fact that her no-measure oatmeal hack landed on Lifehacker on the same day that her son achieved a sponsorship from Worth strings, which he’s been using exclusively–and loving–for years. It was a good day.

Judy Berna is gearing up to once again drive across the country with three of her children. In one week’s time, she’ll get them from NY to Colorado, go over the mountain range to deliver her oldest son to his college in Utah, drive back across the mountain to get the younger two back in time to start their first day of school in Colorado, then hop on a plane and fly back to NY until her house sells. Anyone need a beautifully renovated house in upstate NY that comes with five acres of gorgeous woods? Send them Judy’s way!

Laura is ignoring the hunky shirtless guys on scaffolding outside her window and the deceptively lovely plants invading her garden because she has a kid leaving for college soon. Maybe that’s why she’s taking the long view, writing about 25 unexpected ways to make history come alive.

Chaos Mandy is hoping to have a quiet weekend of writing and sewing. There isn’t much time before Dragon*Con so there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Ruth is furiously costuming for Dragon*Con as well, but will be spending next week in Vancouver celebrating the 20th anniversary of Linux.

Patricia is counting down the days…no, she’s counting down the MINUTES…until her kids start school again. While she welcomes them home from their many weeks of travel, she’s longing for the return of order and routine. The family is looking forward to great seats for an Atlanta Braves home game this weekend, along with visits to the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola (despite my disdain for Coke).

Nicole Wakelin has returned from four days of nonstop gaming at GenCon with a suitcase full of games. This weekend she hopes to play Star Trek Fleet Captains and Quarriors and possibly get some sleep.

Sarah is looking forward to settling in with the Star Trek TNG “Q” box set whilst fighting back the morning sickness, which continues into week 12/13. She will be reading some Princess Di fan fiction and dreaming of living in a castle someday.

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