Speaking Of Aliens

Reading Time: 1 minute

We’re told U.S. Air Force Space Surveillance Radar in Texas recorded these echoes of the Perseid Meteors. Some listeners insist the sounds are downright alien. Hmmm.

They don’t sound remotely alien to me. Perhaps I need to engage my imagination more fiercely. But the SETI Institute continues to listen with ears as big as the Spitzer Space Telescope and so far they haven’t heard a peep. Still, this video got me thinking. If we actually discovered extraterrestrial communication devices flinging messages our way, what do you think they’d say?  Perhaps they’d be advertisements for vacation teleportation to the resort planet Gliese 581d. Or a polite request to Earthlings, please stop broadcasting Jersey Shore.  Or maybe they’d simply ask to speak to someone, anyone, able to engage in civil discourse on this clamorous planet.

If you were from another planet, what would be your first message to Earth?




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