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Starting today, we have a brand new sponsor, 5.11 Tactical. 5.11 Tactical makes products used by law enforcement, the military, and firefighters, and for anyone looking for durable, quality goods. They offer tactical equipment, clothing, uniforms, outerwear, footwear, eyewear, knives, and various kinds of gear. Their mission is to provide functional products that give a lot of value.

5.11 Tactical Series® creates innovative, user-required products that enhance the safety, speed, and performance of safety personnel, military, and the ardent outdoorsmen.  Built on a foundation of durability, quality, and value that began with the authentic 5.11 Tactical Pant, 5.11’s team of over 300 employees leads the industry in delivering the world’s most innovative gear, head to toe. By working directly with end-users and utilizing the expertise of highly-qualified subject matter experts, all 5.11 products exceed rigorous and exacting standards. Learn more about 5.11’s best-selling tactical clothing, uniforms, station-wear, outerwear, footwear, and accessories at

The name “5.11 Tactical” has specific origins. Their 5.11 Tactical Pants were first developed for rock climbing, and “5.11” is a rock climbing difficulty level equating to practically impossible.

5.11 Tactical's Women's Tactical Pants

Check back later this week for my review of four of their products, the 5.11 Tactical Pants, the women’s short sleeved Tactical Polo, the Tac Dry Rain Shell, and the COVRT18 Backpack. Spoiler: They’re all great. But come back soon to find out why!

Visit the 5.11 Tactical website to get more information on their company and their products. Whether you have a need for on-the-job functional clothing and gear, tactical equipment, or just a tactical backpack with a million pockets, they have what you need.

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  1. It is a matter of extreme exaggeration to call a 5.11 climb “nearly impossible” unless you are talking about the climb being attempted by someone not trained for climbing to this level of difficulty. The rating system currently goes to 5.14 and I believe some climbs are contemplated at 5.15. Within the range of 5.14, for example, there are many changes in difficulty denoted by adding the letter a, b, c, and d to the end. 5.14a, 5.14b, etc.

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