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If you’re a fan of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series (recently made more popular than ever with the HBO series Game of Thrones), you’ll want to check out two fan sites that are dedicated to an unusual aspect of the books — the food. Specifically, they’re dedicated to recreating the dishes mentioned in the books.

The Inn at the Crossroads delves “deep into the world of Westeros and far over the Narrow Sea to explore the mouthwatering cuisines favored by the fantastic cultures in the book.” The site’s creators (Sariann and Chelsea) and its followers also cooked up a plan to deliver baskets of Ice and Fire food to Martin himself at various stops along his recent book tour. And you can’t beat the site’s slogan: “In the Game of Food, you win, or you wash the dishes…”

Cooking Ice and Fire takes a more methodical approach. Creator Adam Bruski aims “to cook every dish mentioned and described in A Song of Ice and Fire and explore the history, real world references, techniques, and science behind each.” (Excepting a few of the more outré items like dog sausages.) There are also great pictures to go along with every dish.

Bon appétit, Martin fans!

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2 thoughts on “Get Cooking — George R. R. Martin Style

  1. I’m confused by this comparison. In At the Crossroads was the first blog to set out to make all of the food- at this point they have over 70 different posts- most of which include two recipes… They are absolutely brilliant and have well over 100 recipes, all with brilliant photos, engaging commentary, and dialogue with readers in the comments section. Cooking Ice and Fire has 7 recipes. There is just no comparing these two. Cooking Ice and Fire was misrepresented in a serious eats article as being somehow comparable, and no people on the net keep repeating that same ill considered comparison. I must admit a certain bias though, since I have been reading Inn At the Crossroads since there first lemon cakes post several months ago…

  2. That’s a fair point — one has obviously been around longer than the other and is more extensive. But still, they seem pretty comparable to me, in that they’re essentially doing the same thing.

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