A Peek At A Lego Mini Figure’s Innards

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Photo: Jason Freeny

If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered what the inside of certain cartoon characters might look like. Tell me you haven’t watched Spongebob and wondered just how the heck his digestive system worked. Or taken a long look at Phineas and Ferb and wondered exactly what their skulls looked like under those odd shaped heads.

We are in luck. A talented artist, named Jason Freeny, has deciphered this puzzle for us. He’s made prints that give us a peek into Hello Kitty’s insides. And Yoshi’s insides. And my personal favorite, a Lego Mini Figure.  He’s dissected many others too, including a rubber duckie, the cart driving Mario, the gingerbread man, and even a gummy bear.

So if you’ve always wondered what the structural anatomy of a balloon animal looks like, or wondered how Mr. Potato Head’s guts were laid out, check out his website. It’s definitely a lesson in creative anatomy. It might even be a good catalyst to encourage your kids to draw their own interpretations of their favorite cartoon character’s guts.

Side Note: If you visit his photo gallery on his Facebook page (linked from his website) you can see many pictures of his process of sculpting his creations. It’s very fascinating and informative.

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