This Week With the GeekMoms


Patricia‘s summer of fun continues as all of the family is descending down to the Florida Panhandle for her husband’s military assumption of command ceremony.  After how crazy this summer has been so far, this will actually be a relatively low-stress weekend!

Delphine is finally reading A Dance With Dragons, while she’s not watching her baby’s first steps.

Sarah is struggling to read a bad book, itching to read Mockingjay and giddy over the thought of seeing Harry Potter next Tuesday! She is also considering the parasitic nature of the early stages of pregnancy, as all her energy is drained and all food incompatible with the host.

Jules has been busy enjoying the first two weeks of summer vacation. Last week, she interviewed some of the women from GeekGirlCon. The interview is now available for download. She is looking forward to her oldest treating her and her youngest to the final Harry Potter movie. She is also marveling over the fact that 10 years ago, she took him to the first movie and now he’s old enough to be taking her to the last movie.

This week Nicole B. says goodbye to relatives visiting from Brazil. She also visited a comic-making class at her local library to talk to the kids about their projects, and she’s working on a new freelance editing project for Marvel.

Chaos Mandy is looking forward to a Harry Potter weekend. After seeing the midnight premier on Thursday, she will probably spend the rest of the weekend re-watching the older Harry Potter movies.

Kristen Rutherford is hard at work writing G4’s Comic Con special. It’s SO HARD to write about comic books, movies, celebrities, video games… the sound of violins is maddening.

Laura‘s  house is topped with muscle-y shirtless guys working on the roof in 90 degree weather. Friends urge her to drag out a lawn chair and enjoy the view, but she
needs to stay away. The impulse to shoot them with nice cool water from her kids’ Super Soakers is overwhelming. This week she’s writing about how to preserve ordinary moments using a Memory Jar.

Ruth is on vacation from vacation, which is to say, back in real life after spending a week in the back seat with a five-year-old and a two-year-old. She’s planning for a trip to Vancouver and feverishly trying to get costuming done before Dragon*Con.

Corrina has spent the past week finishing up a superhero novella tentatively titled Luminous which allowed her to write a Jim Gordon-style character and started polishing the rough draft of a superhero novel with very cranky immortal hero who, at least, has a very cool car. (1967 Dodge Charger.)


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