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Me at a Firefly LARP (Image: Mandy Horetski)

I enjoy LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) quite a bit, though these days I don’t get to do it as much as I like. I first start LARPing in college when I got introduced to Vampire: The Masquerade. I’ve played in a weekend Firefly LARP and try to go down to GA to play in a boffer LARP when I can.

Because of being a fan of LARPing I am very excited for the new movie, Knights of Badassdom. The basic concept is a demon from hell is accidentally summoned and the LARPers need to defeat it. This movie stars several well known actors, including Summer Glau, which warms my Browncoat heart.

According to IMDB, Knights of Badassdom is due to come out this year. There is no release date that I could find though.

Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

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6 thoughts on “Knights of Badassdom Trailer

  1. That Firefly LARP looks awesome! I’ve never had the nerve to LARP, but I’d be sorely tempted if it were closer.

    1. The Firefly LARP was, unfortunately, just a one time deal. The LARP I go to in GA once in a while is well worth the drive though – it is a ton of fun.

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