Top This!


If you give guests cake, chances are they’ll want a topper to go with it. And if you get a topper, you might as well choose one that says something about you. Perhaps one of these?






cake topper



Zombie Warriors



Phone Freaks






Day of Dead Ladies



Mario Addicts


















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2 thoughts on “Top This!

  1. I was thinking about this at the last wedding cake post, but this is an even more appropriate place to share it:

    For my cousin’s second wedding she didn’t want to go overboard with stuff, so she had a small, tasteful cake without a topper. We were sitting right next to the cake table, and it really bothered my little brother that there was not a bride and groom on top. So he pulled out his bag of Lego people which for some reason he’d brought, and picked out the two which were dressed most like a groom and bride– it was Darth Vader and a storm trooper– and put them on top of the cake himself. My cousin didn’t notice until they came over to cut the cake, and then she just laughed and laughed. It made the day for her!

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