Geek Flair Contest Winners

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Congratulations to our Geek Flair Contest Winners!

Homa: I have a button that says “I have issues” that I bought as a kid thinking it referenced comic book issues. I’d like to see one that said the same but with a font or style that made the association clearer. :)

SpookyGirl: When in doubt, side with science!!

(would work well when I am at a homeschool function arguing with other more religious orientated homeschoolers, LOL!)

Rosalind: These are awesome.

I would like “Oops! My geek is showing!”
I think I’ve used that as a twitter tag before.

I also adore random DnD references, so a “+3Charisma” pin would be fun too!

Good job everyone who suggested some awesome Geek Flair. Winners were chosen by random drawing and will soon be contacted individually for shipping information. Thanks so much for reading GeekMom!

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