Geek Crafts: A Roundup

DIY GeekMom
Image: Courtesy of Stephanie Lau

An international effort to create a more realistic Link amigurumi was successfully posted over at Craftzine this week. Previous attempts have been, in this crafter’s opinion, too complicated for amigurumi, or looked nothing like the character. Apart from the Hylian shield. this looks to be both simple and realistic. Stephanie Lau, who designed the shield and sword, has graciously posted the pattern on her blog.

In other amigurumi goodness, the delightful Wolfdreamer has produced a pattern for one of the penguins from Madagascar. It’s a nice basic shape, I can easily see the eyebrow-line being adapted into an Admiral Ackbar pattern at some point.

Wee Little Stitches continues to add patterns to her etsy shop. Amongst the “Pixel People” there you can find all eleven Doctors, the crew of Serenity, and Star Wars: A New Hope.

Among things you wish you could make but would never have the patience for, there is a customized Legend of Zelda chess set. I’m still holding out for the potentials/vampires edition – c’mon Joss!

This week’s truly geeked out craft, obsessed beyond obsession? Hand sculpted Star Wars characters, each on a wax crayon.

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