GeekMom Is Now on Google+

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At long last, Google+ has rolled out pages for businesses, organizations, and websites. We’re delighted to announce the brand-spankin’-new GeekMom page on G+–let the circling begin!

If you’re new to G+ and still finding your way around, here’s our four-part series of Google+ tips:

Part 1: Don’t let circles make your head spin
Part 2: Privacy and profiles
Part 3: Finding your friends
Part 4: Assorted tips

Although Google’s foray into social networking hasn’t been without its bumps–such as the Nymwars issue and the shuttering of Google Reader’s Shared Items feature in favor of Google+ sharing–Plus has much to offer, especially for users who are increasingly uncomfortable with Facebook’s “frictionless sharing.” We hope to see you there!

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2 thoughts on “GeekMom Is Now on Google+

  1. I told Ken (on G+, no less) that GeekDad and GeekMom could be very well served on G+, as there has been some trolling and flamefests of late.

    Congrats, and the post is appreciated, of course… I can see that some were already looking for GeekMom on G+ 😉

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