Why I’m Waiting to Take My Daughter to Disney World

My sister and I with Mickey circa 1986

Walt Disney World is a wonderful vacation destination, but though it is my favorite place in the world, my husband and I are waiting until our daughter is older before going.

I love Walt Disney World so much. When my husband asked me if I’d rather go to Disney or Vegas for our honeymoon, it took me about a second to shout out, “Disney!!!”.

We took our honeymoon a year after our wedding and we spent our first anniversary in Epcot. It was a very magical trip!

About three months after our honeymoon, we found out I was pregnant with our little girl. Even before she was born, I started dreaming about the first time she would be able to go to “The World.”

My husband and I on our honeymoon

Despite my huge desire to go back, my husband and I decided soon after our daughter was born that we were going to wait to take her until she is 6 or 7.

For one, we don’t want to deal with the stroller issue, being that we don’t want to worry about navigating a stroller through the parks and parking the stroller while on rides.

Plus, Disney World can be overwhelming for an adult, so I can’t imagine how overwhelming it would be for a child. I was 9 when I went to Disney World the first time, and I still remember that trip. I want to wait until my daughter is old enough to be able to remember it.

I know there are people who bring small babies and toddlers to Disney World, and have a good time. I just know that isn’t a viable option for us. But since I’m such a Disney geek, we are already planning a trip for the fall of 2014!

My daughter loves her Disney movies and I’ve already started to ask her if she wants to visit the castle that is on the beginning of every Disney movie, to which she always yells, “Yes!”.


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