Girls Just Wanna Be Born

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Imagine a society in which you are put to death at 60. In a loving ceremony known as “The Resolution” you bid goodbye to family and friends, and then, quite calmly, kill yourself. The benefit being that society no longer has an elderly population to care for, and you no longer have to watch as those you love succumb to old age.

Imagine a society in which you are put to death for being born of a certain race. Where you are taken to camps, perform manual labor for a time, and are then executed en masse for the purification of the nation.

Imagine a society where ultrasound screenings are conducted at week 14 to determine gender, then provide an abortion for any fetus that is not male.

The first is a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, the second, a reference to Nazi Germany. The third is happening right now in India. Experts believe that eight million girls have been aborted in the last decade, purely because of their gender. BBC News has an excellent article about this that is bound to stir up some controversy.

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2 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Be Born

  1. Following your examples, I think this one is strangely appropriate (albeit a reversal):

    Imagine a world where the Y chromosome has been targeted by a biological weapon. Men are scarce, and the few remaining are kept in re-population centers and labeled as “Breeders”.
    Sliders, “Love Gods”, 1996

    I find it repugnant that this is happening in India. Coming from a society where we just hope for ten fingers, ten toes, and we generally only screen for major genetic disorders, it is difficult to put into words how disgusted I am with the practice of Sex Screening.

  2. Oh what a slippery slope. As a mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome, it breaks my heart that any child would be denied life. Unfortunately, we let society tell us what is ‘bad’ and we miss so many opportunities to enrich our lives. Viva diversity.

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