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MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018: Fandoms For Everyone

MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018: Fandoms For Everyone

Tampa Bay will be the coolest place in Florida this weekend. Why? Because MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018 starts September 21st. Read More


Is Geek A Derogatory Term?

Since I’m still coming down from the high that is Dragon*Con, I’ve been looking in Flickr for pictures of myself and reading articles about the Con. I came across a post about the Dragon*Con parade and I started reading the comments. There were several comments that jumped out as me as some people seemed to… Read More

Girls Just Wanna Be Born

Imagine a society in which you are put to death at 60. In a loving ceremony known as “The Resolution” you bid goodbye to family and friends, and then, quite calmly, kill yourself. The benefit being that society no longer has an elderly population to care for, and you no longer have to watch as those… Read More