Wonder Woman Now More Wonder Woman-y

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The new Wonder Woman TV show has begun shooting and the first pictures are out. The internet won! Outcries and Open Letters to David E . Kelley seem to have worked. Wonder Woman’s costume now looks like something she has a chance of fighting crime in!

Wonder Woman's new costume on the left (photo: Hollywood Reporter) and old costume on the right (photo: Justin Lubin, NBC)

It’s awesome that she now has pants that she can move in. The stars are a nice, patriotic touch. And, can we talk about the red boots? They make a world of difference.

To the commenters on my last post, I am in no way trying to doom the show with fangirl nitpicking. I just want it to be good, and the costume is a critical part of Wonder Woman. Part of me wonders if that first costume was never real, that NBC put it out as something for us all to be outraged about so when we saw the real thing we’d be relatively happy. If that’s the case, it totally worked. Adrianne Palicki really looks the part.

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6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Now More Wonder Woman-y

    1. Totally. There must be some military-grade double-stick tape keeping that thing up while she’s running. Dang.

  1. You know what, I never thought that maybe that first costume was a hoax. Acutally I kind of hope it was because it was downright awful!

    This new one is better, though I agree with the previous commenter that the bustier still needs a little work. And the headband is killing me! LOL

    1. I also concur that the bustier needs a little more fine tuning but that tiara is NOT EVEN CLOSE to resembling the iconic tiara that she normally wears. It needs to be thicker, more solid, less dainty. Right now, the new one resembles something you’d see worn on the head of a bridesmaid or flower girl.

      1. Doesn’t she use the tiara as a weapon? If she does then they might want to beef it up cause flinging it around would cause some damage to the tiara.

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