Open Letter to David E. Kelley, Re: Wonder Woman FAIL

Dear Mr. E. Kelley,

I know we’re not close. I mean, I haven’t watched one of your shows since Doogie Howser, M.D. But since you’re the one helming the new Wonder Woman TV show, which we here at GeekMom have been eagerly anticipating, we need to talk about a certain photograph released in Entertainment Weekly:

Image: Justin Lubin/NBC

Yes, I did check the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s day. It isn’t. And the earnestness with which EW reports on this… ahem… costume makes me think that this is really the costume you’re going with for the show. You do realize that Wonder Woman’s an Amazon, right? A warrior? A crime-fighting superhero? Someone who kicks a lot of butt needs a wardrobe to kick butt in. Cheap vinyl doesn’t have a lot of give. Plus, don’t you have a decent budget for this show? This costume looks like you bought it on sale out of a plastic bag in the slutty Halloween aisle.

DC Women Kicking Ass has done a bit of photoshop work to make this outfit slightly more palatable, but I know you can do even better than that. Look into your heart while you’re still in preproduction. Do a little search on this blog for “Wonder Woman” and you’ll find more than a few hits. We’re fans, OK? We’re the ones that can make your show a hit, or a cult classic. If it’s good, we’ll watch it, we’ll buy it, we’ll show our kids. Here’s my advice: Make Wonder Woman awesome and powerful, and you’ll make it past the pilot. Target only the male 18-34 demographic, and we will bury you with our contempt and lack of viewing.

Why not clear your week and watch a Buffy marathon? I think it will help.

Thank you. That is all.


A Concerned GeekMom

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