US Soldier Makes Action Figures from Rubbish

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Photo: Rupert Valero

I’m a huge fan of creating projects from found objects and otherwise unusable items, so this immediately caught my eye. Stationed in Khandahar, Afghanistan, Private First Class Rupert Valero uses his spare time to craft fully articulated action heroes out of the materials he has on hand. Bottle caps, cans, and bottles that would otherwise be nothing but trash are upcycled into his fun and functional toys. If you’re fascinated by this creative soldier and his action figures, check out an interview with Valero at Another Limited Rebellion or visit him at his Etsy shop.

Via Tree Hugger

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1 thought on “US Soldier Makes Action Figures from Rubbish

  1. This is really cool. We recently got into making junkbots and junkrockets ourselves (with my 4-year old). I love Rupert’s ideas although understandably I’d have to modify the designs a bit for a young child 🙂

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