Hip, Versatile Little Speakers are Perfect for Kids

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Chill Pill bass boost
Chill Pill bass boost feature

The Chill Pill speakers sound pretty good, especially for their size, but that is not their biggest asset.

These diminutive little marvels are packed with clever engineering touches that stir the inner geeklet.

For starters, these pint-sized speakers are cool looking. A striking blue LED light gleams when you switch on the power, and the satiny finish and rounded shape make these little speakers irresistible. In fact, we like to compare them to Eve from the movie Wall-E.

The charging cable rocks, too!  If you are lucky enough to have a computer with a USB connection built into the keyboard, these little gems can be plugged in for convenient charging. If that is not an option, simply plug the USB cable into your iPod charging brick and plug the brick into the wall.

For even more geeky fun, twisting and pulling up on the tops of the speakers creates an accordion-style appearance. This feature provides a small bass boost for a fuller sound.

Magnetic attraction keeps the speakers connected as a single pill-shaped unit (hence the name) for storage and transport. The Chill Pills even come with a durable little drawstring pouch.

The retractable connector cables simply feed back into the speakers with a gentle tug for tangle-free storage. Little end caps make pulling the cables back out a snap, especially for smaller hands.

Because of the rugged construction and simple, intuitive design, they are perfect for kids who have just gotten their first iPod. Our son got these for his birthday, and relishes them above most of his other possessions. He even built a Lego holder for his iPod Nano just so he could listen to his iPod music while playing with his Legos.

With a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack built into the speakers, they can be used as speakers for many other devices, too. If you have a Nintendo DS, you are in for a treat (hint: The Chill Pills take playing Lego Star Wars on the DS to another level).  Chill Pills come in a variety of cool satiny colors and last at least six hours on a charge.  Order the Chill Pills online directly from Chill Pill Audio.

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3 thoughts on “Hip, Versatile Little Speakers are Perfect for Kids

  1. Yes, they’re great! I got them and actually used it in a classroom (yes, I mean for my students): they’re so cool and handy (plus, it’s so easy to impress students with a little bit of geekiness).
    I love the Lego holder, too! Your son sounds cool…

  2. They look way cool. I’m bookmarking this post for later this year. Hubby and I are considering giving the kids ebook readers for Christmas (which incorporate audio players) and this will make a very neat accessory! Thanks for the review.

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