Father and Son  Image: Redboy Kliq

Father's Day Gift Guide 2013

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Father and Son  Image: Redboy Kliq
Father and Son Image: Redboy Kliq

Welcome to this years Father’s Day Gift Guide. Geeky dads can be a lot of fun to shop for, so lets get the ball rolling on our picks this year.

IMAX tickets to see the Man of Steel – IMAX is a really cool viewing experience and the only way my husband and son will be seeing The Man of Steel on June 14th. $17 and up

CafePress Star Trek Merchandise – For the dad who loves Star Trek (and the child on a budget), CafePress has some great ideas. With everything from the original series to Next GenerationVoyager, and Deep Space 9, there is something for every Star Trek dad. $3.99 and up

Man of Steel shirts from Superherostuff.com – SuperHeroStuff.com has a great looking Man of Steel shirt that comes in sizes for the whole family. $21.99

Thor Socks  Image: Amazon.com
Thor Socks — Image: Amazon.com

Crazy Crew Socks – For the styling dad who likes to wear his passions on his feet, check out some crazy crew socks. With choices like, Thor (complete with capes), Giant Squid, Tetris, sharks, and Batman, there is something for almost any father and his feet. $10 and up

Unreal Candy – Dad loves candy and he’s not too particular about the kind he eats. You should be a little pickier for him. Because frankly, if he’s going to scarf down a handful of chocolaty treats, they don’t need to be filled with all sorts of chemicals. Unreal ditches the unidentifiable ingredients and drops the sugar to make junk-free junk food in five different flavors. Starts at $.89 for individual bars.

Ahmet Zappa’s Because I’m Your Dad – Ahmet Zappa is a writer, producer, and the son of music icon Frank Zappa. His latest work is a wonderfully sweet story that gives a nod to his late father and should bring a tear to your dad’s eye. Perfect for bedtime or anytime, it conveys the father-child bond through a pair of furry monsters and Dan Santat’s cute, cuddly illustrations. $11.95

Striker Land Mine  Image: Striker Hand Tools
Striker Land Mine — Image: Striker Hand Tools

Striker Light Mine – If your dad is into working on his car, he could always use a little help — and we’re not talking about an extra set of hands. Available in two sizes, this light can easily fit into tight spaces and even attaches via a magnet. More importantly, it packs in a powerful LED light, so dear old dad can actually see what he’s doing under the hood. $19.99

Kohler Moxie Showerhead – Let Dad channel his inner-diva with this shower head that doubles as a wireless speaker. Just put a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, tablet or other device within 32 feet and dad can rock out under a spray of water for up to seven hours or until he can no longer make out his own fingerprints. $150

Mad Max Trilogy Blu-ray  – To dad, most of your teen years seemed like a Thunderdome cage match, so he should be very familiar with the material. Known as the trilogy that unleashed Mel Gibson on the world, this killer (ahem) sci-fi set is long overdue. Besides the first two films, the collectable package includes Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome making its Blu-ray debut. $35

Acase iPhone 5 Case – For the dad who wants a stylish iPhone case, check out the Acase genuine leather iPhone 5 case. I use this one for my iPod (it’s not designed for the iPod, but it fits good enough for me). $20

Because I'm Your Dad  Image: © Ahmet Zappa & Dan Santat/Disney-Hyperion.
Image: © Ahmet Zappa & Dan Santat/Disney-Hyperion.

Star Wars Lego Battle of Hoth Set – This nice little set is fun for the whole family to put together. Dad can enjoy quality building time with his kids while passing on his love of Star Wars. $70

Hone Key Finder – The Hone key finder made its way from Kickstarter to shelves and is a new take on an old classic. The Hone uses your phone’s Bluetooth and an app to help you find your keys. The trick is making sure you don’t lose your phone too. $60

Looxcie HD – The Looxcie HD is a camera for the dad on the go. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone and records at 1080p. With the built-in Wi-Fi feature, dad can record and stream his video on the internet. $199.99

Norpro Stainless Steel 8 Piece Bar Set – Jazz up your drinks with the handy Norpro Stainless Steel 8 Piece Bar Set. Tongs, strainer, bar knife, double jigger, bottle opener, and more are packed in an ice bucket with a freestanding rack. Mirror coated stainless steel. $31

Pete the Penguin Cocktail Shaker – Add a penguin-shaped accessory for even more liveliness. Pete the Penguin Cocktail Shaker is stainless steel, holds 24 ounces, and surely doesn’t mind the icy chill of any concoction. $28

The coolest tie of them all.  Image: Amazon.com
The coolest tie of them all. Image: Amazon.com

Esee Izula Gear Wallet Kit – Make sure dad’s ready for anything with this compact survival kit. The Esee Izula Gear Wallet Kit is less than five ounces but it contains a compass, fire steel, titanium blade, signal mirror, Kevlar cord, magnets, fish hooks, arrowhead, handcuff key, and various instruction/survival/escape cards packed in a black Cordura wallet. Everything made in the U.S. $65

Ties, Ties, and more Ties – If he’s gotta wear ties, they might as well be interesting ones. Perhaps a “power on” tie. How about one that notes “ties suck” in binary code? For the mathematician, a math equations tie. Or how about a lunar surface tie? Last, but not least, to make sure dad is ready for 007-related contingencies, an emergency bowtie in a handy carrying case. $8 and up

Smart dads have smart toys – They not only liven up a workspace, helping an overloaded brain decompress, they also work well in the car to distract grumpy kids. Try the hardwood cube, Julien Cubebot, that’s a puzzle as well as a robot. Or the Thinkfun UnHinged puzzle, a folding game with 40 challenges from beginning to expert. Or Perplexus Epic, a maze within a sphere featuring a steel ball that must travel through 125 gravity-defying barriers. $10 and up

Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp – For the dad with many needs, the Satechi desk lamp is perfect. It has four modes including study, bedtime, reading, and relaxing and includes a USB port to charge his electronics. It’s also eco-friendly and has an easy one hour timer you can set with the press of a button. $100

Need some more ideas? Check out our Father’s Day gift guide for the kid at heart from last year. There were some great ideas in there too.

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