Animals Save the Day with DC Super Pets, Plus a Writing Contest!

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Image: Picture Window Books (a Capstone imprint)

You root for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and even Aquaman. You love to hate The Penguin and Catwoman. But what about their pets? What do they do all day? Lounge in the sun? Nah. Apparently they’re quite busy.

There is a new series of books out which is centered around the adventures of the Super Pets of the heroes and villains of DC comics. The first six books of the 24 book series are now available and are aimed at grades 1-3, with plenty of colorful artwork and a second grade reading level. To get a feel for the series, check out the book trailer.

Image: Picture Window Books (a Capstone imprint)

Each story contains an exciting adventure, jokes, definitions, and a guide to all the pets of the DC Super Pets. The books definitely have a Superfriends kind of feel, for those of you who watched that show back in the 1970s. (It sure was one of my favorites.) Books have plenty of bolded words and interspersed onomatopoeia, like in the old Batman series (“Kapow!”), which really gives a sense of action.

Each book has usually at least a couple of good pets, and often at least two bad pets. There are plenty of happy endings and lots of saving the day. To me, the books are a lot of good fun. To my son in the first grade, they’re pet-rific (his word). He especially loves the jokes.

The series’s publisher, Capstone, is also sponsoring the My Pet is Super! writing contest that goes through the end of February. Kids in grades 1-3 are asked to write a newspaper article about their pet for The Daily Planet. The writer of the winning submission will have his or her pet drawn by Art Baltazar, the illustrator for the series, and have the pet appear in a future book in the series. The winner and his or her school will also receive books. For complete rules and to enter the writing contest, visit the Capstone Kids website.

The DC Super Pets books retail for $4.95 each. They’re cartoony, superhero fun for early elementary kids.

Edited to add: Capstone also did an interview with Art Baltazar, the illustrator.

Note: I received a copy of the first six books for review purposes.

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2 thoughts on “Animals Save the Day with DC Super Pets, Plus a Writing Contest!

  1. These look SUPER! Worth noting that Art Baltazar has been doing the Tiny Titans comic series for DC for several years, and that this is a spin off of sorts from the Tiny Titans Pet Club issues. Tiny Titans is a fabulous comic, my 8 year boy has been enjoying it since he was 5. Baltazar also worked on the fabulous kid-friendly Magic of Shazam! series, also worth checking out.

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