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  • Corrina Lawson has signed a contract with Samhain Publishing to publish her book, Phoenix Rising, a modern-day superhero adventure story with a dash of romance. It will be out later this year. More information on the book and her other writings can be found at her website,
  • Amy Kraft helped design the new Scholastic Parents website, and the beta is launched for your viewing pleasure. Her blog Media Macaroni is also a featured blog on the site.
  • Judy Berna had an amazing night last Friday, watching her formerly shy 10 year old show off his stuff at the school lip sync contest. He not only shocked his three teen siblings (and the three friends they dragged along) with his outgoing performance, but won the random drawing to be ‘principal for the day’. She’s thinking her youngest might be skipping college and moving directly toward show biz stardom.
  • Laura Grace Weldon has given up good behavior. This week she compared her baby to a dog, smirked about a natural cure, and caused an unspeakable ruckus in the barn.
  • Cathe Post has an entire gaming weekend planned: Friday night Dungeons and Dragons via Skype and Gametable , Saturday she is taking her daughter to a Pokemon event, and Sunday is a double header with a Munchkin tournament benefiting GeekGirl Con, followed by Warhammer . Can we say “Neeeeeeeeeeerd!”
  • Kris Bordessa – who knows exactly nothing about good wine – would like to congratulate her parents on the two gold medals recently awarded to their Sonoma County winery, Graton Ridge Cellars, at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.
  • Rebecca Angel spent much of the week reading Great Expectations aloud to her children for a book discussion group. She has found the voice of Miss Havisham to be very fun. And has been spontaneously saying, “You can break his heart!” around the house at every opportunity.
  • New French contributor Delphine spoke for Di6dent, a French RPG magazine whose last issue featured “Où sont les femmes?”, a thema about the stormy relationship between women and RPG.
  • Brigid Ashwood has been stranded at home all week due to snow. Despite constant demands on her attention from bored children, husbands and pets, she managed to find a few hours to finish a new painting just in time for Valentine’s Day. She cannot wait for the arrival of spring!
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