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Put all these ingredients together and what do you get?

On Christmas morning, I noticed that my stocking was very heavy and stuffed to the top. I began to pull out its contents: rice, sheets of nori, furikake, mirin… Hmm, was I going to learn how to make my own sushi? And then I pulled out the last two items, a can of Spam and a rectangular acrylic set, and it all came together. This was everything I needed to make Spam musubi!

Ever since going to Hawaii and becoming obsessed with Hawaiian food, we’ve been looking to experience once again those delicious island treats. As it turns out, Spam musubi is not all that difficult to make once you have everything you need in front of you. We used a recipe from Food Network and got to work.

First, you make up a big batch of sushi rice and fry up slices of Spam in a mixture of soy, sugar, and mirin. I think next time around we’re going to cut the amount of sugar in half.

Press rice into the musubi maker.

Next, you press some rice into a masubi press and sprinkle a bit of furikake on top. My husband found the acrylic masubi press on eBay, but as the recipe so smartly points out, you can empty both ends of the Spam can and use that.

Throw a slice of fried Spam on top, wrap that baby in nori, and you’re good to go! We served our Spam masubi with a bellini because we like our Spam fancy.

A fancy Spam brunch.

I realize that this is from the other side of the world and a different century, but we can’t really have a discussion about Spam without this:

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