GeekMom Editor Talks Ticks and Triops with The Times

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Kathy New York Times article
GeekMom editor Kathy Ceceri and sons talking tech in the New York Times

GeekMom Editor Kathy Ceceri recently shared some of her “home laboratory” adventures with a visiting reporter from the New York Times. The article, Home Labs on the Rise for the Fun of Science, goes on to discuss USB microscopes, DNA extraction kits and infrared thermometers in greater detail, saying that they are just some of the gadgets families are using and owning as home laboratories become affordable.

How about you: Do you have a lab in your home? How simple or elaborate is your family’s set-up? What pieces of equipment do you use? Do you have a favorite activity or experiment that you’d like to share?

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7 thoughts on “GeekMom Editor Talks Ticks and Triops with The Times

  1. We have also done the triops kit this year! 🙂 We’re focusing on biology, so we have built DNA models, dissected critters, and had a good time watching ants live in blue jello stuff. I still want to extract DNA and raise butterflies. Yeah, we homeschool.

    1. I’ve got lots of home science activities, with photos and directions, at my various websites, so be sure to check them out for ideas!

      We actually did DNA during the year we covered chemistry (at a museum with an exhibit about molecules that included DNA). I posted about it at We used kits, but the post includes links to DIY directions (the “chemicals” needed are dish soap and rubbing alcohol).

      We’ve also raised butterflies from kits, but if you are good at finding eggs and/or caterpillars on your own, here’s a link to a butterfly cage design I adapted (although I don’t get a credit on the website) for Family Fun magazine. ( I made a ton of these a few summers back with kids at library summer programs around our area. The kids also decorated the plates used with permanent markers.

      Good luck with your own science activities!

      1. Thanks for the links! I love the variety of kits and activities that are so easy to get these days…

  2. YAY! Great article, great picture! I love the idea of families having access to better equipment. Then science becomes a part of every day life, not just something you do for 40 minutes in a sterile class lab.

    Yay for Kathy and her bright boys!


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