Colorize Your Breakfast with Rainbow Toast

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Step aside, Froot Loops.

I don’t ever recall telling my kids not to play with their food. In fact in some cases, I’ve even encouraged it. While rainbow toast won’t exactly win any nutrition awards, it’s definitely got the fun factor going for it. And some mornings, you’ve just got to mix it up.

You’ll need:

  • Sandwich bread – white bread will give you the most clear colors, but it can be done with any type of bread
  • Food coloring – if you don’t like synthetic dyes, these natural food dyes (made from vegetable colorants) will work
  • Milk
  • A brand-new paintbrush

Mix several drops of food color into a tablespoon of milk. (I like to use an ice cube tray as a paint palette and mix several colors.) Use the brush to paint a design or picture onto a slice of bread. Once your pièce de résistance is complete, toast it on a light setting. It will emerge light and crispy, but just a little happier than your usual toaster fare.

Safety note: You can be generous with the colors, but for goodness sake don’t make it dripping and soggy – you will be putting it into an electrical appliance, after all!

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2 thoughts on “Colorize Your Breakfast with Rainbow Toast

  1. Too cute!! I love making colored pancakes…this will add to the colorful breakfast. Thanks!! (And thanks for the giggle…”and for goodness sake…”)

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