Build Your Own Theremin

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Mini-theremin from Maker Shed

My husband is hard to shop for, so I find it quite satisfying when I find him an interesting, unexpected gift that he enjoys. This year it was a kit to build your own mini-theremin.

I’ve always found the theremin to be an intriguing instrument. It’s perfect it produces such spooky, Dark Shadows-y sounds, because it’s an eerie thing to watch being played. That such amazing sounds can be produced without touching the instrument is spooky, indeed.

The mini-theremin kit came from Maker Shed, where you can see a video of it being put together. This is handy because all of the instructions are in Japanese. I think that English instructions would have made the whole project too easy, though. It took the GeekDad and GeekGirl two tries to get it together the right way, and it’s going to require some tinkering with the parts that can be tinkered with to get it sounding just right. You need a bit of a challenge, right?

Reading Japanese helps with theremin building.

This turned into a great father-daughter project, and they’ll enjoying playing it together, too. I’ll leave you with their first concert.

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