A Very LEGO Christmas Tree

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Nobody will ever mistake me for Martha Stewart. I like it when my house is decorated for the holidays, but I’m really not very particular about just how it’s done. Which is how I ended up with a tree decorated entirely with LEGO bricks one year. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you ask two kids who are LEGO fanatics how they’d like to decorate the tree. Another mom might have told them no, but not me. I was game; we made it a family project. Everyone made mini designs like Christmas stockings, candy canes, wreaths, a little hearth – we even made a garland. To hang the ornaments, we just snapped a length of string between the top two pieces. For the garland, we sandwiched a long piece of string between two bricks.

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2 thoughts on “A Very LEGO Christmas Tree

  1. I love it! Our house is full of LEGOs so I’m only surprised we haven’t done the same! Maybe if I put a bug in a couple of ears…..

  2. I now have next year’s tree plan. Thanks!

    (This year is a paper-crafted Harry Potter tree–with Sorting Hat tree-topper. it doesn’t have to be done until 12-24.)

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