12 Days of Awesomely Geeky Gifts: Day 1 – Millennium Falcon Book in 3D + Giveaway!

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From roughly the next twelve days, I’m going to be highlighting one awesomely geeky gift per day. Most of these gifts are items I’ve been able to personally review, so you’ll get hands-on suggestions for giftgiving as we propel at light speed toward the holidays. I mean, really? Where does the time go?

First up is the book Star Wars Millennium Falcon: A 3D Owner’s Guide. I first stumbled upon this book at our local Costco warehouse, sifting through the mountain of publications they haul out around the holidays. I had seen some of the other 3D books, and while they’re generally pretty cool, nothing took my attention like this book.

As you turn each page, a new level of the famed Millennium Falcon is revealed, all with useful information on each part of the ship and how it works. There’s even an adorable little Han Solo on one of the first pages, ready to pilot the ship toward new adventures in spice smuggling. I learned more about the ship than I ever imagined, and my son absolutely loves paging through the book and exploring each part. It really brings a whole new level to the Star Wars tech geek! It’s absolutely a must-have for Star Wars fans of all ages. The detail alone is worth the price.

But wait, it gets better! We’ve got five copies of the book to giveaway to readers, just in time for the holidays. That’s right!

Just comment below with your favorite Star Wars character for a chance to win. Winners will be determined randomly. Sorry, but US residents only.

And if the book review itself doesn’t get you, check out this rockin’ book trailer:

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45 thoughts on “12 Days of Awesomely Geeky Gifts: Day 1 – Millennium Falcon Book in 3D + Giveaway!

  1. I’m going to have to go with Chewbacca, because I JUST learned how to spell Wookiee. Two e’s! That’s nuts!

  2. My favorite Star Wars character is Mara Jade. But if I have to pick one from the movies, then it would be Han Solo.

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi is my hero. It’s weird, but he really is. I first watched Star Wars during a particularly traumatic week of my childhood, and his sage advice and faith did a LOT to help me cope. And I have to admit that I have a crush on Ewan McGregor, so it even carries over into the prequels.

  4. I’m torn between Han and Leia – they both bring the sarcasm. Leia wins by a nose for saying, “Would it help if I got out and pushed?”

  5. I think my son would say Boba; my daughter would pick Ewoks. I have to go with Han Solo. Not only does he have it hands-down in the looks department over Luke (sorry, Luke Lovers), but his character in the Lego Star Wars game is by far the best marksman.

  6. I love Leia. She is a tiny little butt-kicker who fights for what’s right, handles a blaster with confidence and keeps her sense of humor in the roughest of times.

    R2D2 is a close second though.

  7. C3-PO. You gotta love someone who’s so sure about being right all the time… even if he’s wrong 😛

  8. Definitely Princess Leia – she’s handy with a blaster or a chain (take that, Jabba!), stands up to Vader, and adapts to any situation. Go Leia!

    1. this is what I get for not reading the directions all the way through.

      I’m a big fan of Chewie.

  9. Han Solo. I have always liked the bad boy but good underneath character that he is. You knew he wasn’t just there for the reward.

  10. Boba Fett was always my favorite – that bad*ss faceless assassin. I named my first snake after him.

  11. Obi-wan. Gotta admire his endless patience in the face of all that Skywalker whining – father AND son.

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