Beautiful Bento – Craft a Lunch that will Amaze Your Kids

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Nintendo, Super Smash Bros, Japan, animeHow much would my kids love to trade my mundane noonday meals on the go for, say, an edible rendition of Totoro? Or Calvin and Hobbes? There are, happily, people in the world who find aesthetics to be just as important as nutrition. AnnaTheRed (who crafted the Super Smash Bros. lunch at left) and Santos at Scent of Green Bananas are just a couple of people who use food items like rice, vegetables, and hard boiled eggs to create magnificent meals.

Credit it to the anime craze that seems to have made all things Japan popular, but bento is big these days. There are Flickr groups dedicated to sharing images of bento lunches, bento-style lunchboxes, and even books teaching the art of bento making, like Yum Yum Bento Box.

So much for my old P, B & J standby.

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