Judy’s Library Book Corner: 100% Pure Fake: Gross Out Your Friends and Family with 25 Great Special Effects!

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This book pick is in anticipation of whatever creepy gross thing my three boys will think up for Halloween this year. Some years they have fun freaking out the neighbor kids with my extra prosthetic leg (and lots of fake blood) and some years they leave my leg in the closet and do their own thing.

Photo: Kids Can Press

But every year there is a need for fake stuff. Fake blood. Fake vomit. Fake scars. It can get expensive if you’re buying these lovely products in a holiday supply store. Most geek kids out there would rather make their own concoctions anyway, right? So I have the perfect new book for you.

It’s called 100% Pure Fake: Gross Out Your Friends and Family with 25 Great Special Effects!, by Lyn Thomas. I don’t know Ms. Thomas, but I have to imagine she’s the mom to at least one geek kid because she’s managed to create a pretty inspiring, disgusting book.

Through the years I’ve gathered recipes from magazines for some of the fake stuff featured in this book. But I’ve never seen such a great compilation of every possible fake gross thing you might ever need. This book is packed with great pictures and easy directions. All of the recipes call for ordinary household items.

There’s a fantastic introduction that goes over safety rules and has important reminders about being safe with some ingredients that can stain. It also has helpful tips that make me believe we could actually pull off some of these effects.

Now for the good part, a list of some of the really yukky things you can make after you’ve read this book: really believable fake blood, a severed finger, broken glass, edible barf, a puddle of pee and both dog and cat doo-doos. Now remember, this is just a partial list of some of my favorites. There are 25 in total.

Just because I know you were hoping I’d be a bit more graphic, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite pictures. Let’s start with the basic stretchy snot. Mmmmm,  yummy.

Photo: Judy Berna

Now we’ll move on to a pretty believable rotting skin. Not bad.

Photo: Judy Berna

And then the one that has the power to make me lose my mind if I find it on my living room couch — the fake chocolate milk spill. Pure genius.

Photo: Judy Berna

There’s one picture I will not be posting. It’s one I can’t even look at for more than a few seconds without getting a bit squeamish. Believe me on this one, if your geek kid has any use for fake vomit that could fool even this mom of four kids, you have to get this book.

This enjoyable book is marketed to the 9-12 year old but geek kids of all ages will have fun being grossed out looking through the pictures, then trying the easy recipes. It’s the perfect addition to any bookshelf, especially in the approaching Halloween season. It’s published by Kids Can Press and retails for $16.95 but can be purchased for a bit less at Amazon.com.

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