Action Figures For Everyday Heroes

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There’s something alluring about a doppelganger, a clone, a Mini-Me. Now you can get your own.

Illinois artist Cyndi Safstrom hand crafts action figures based on photos and videos sent to her by clients all over the world. For each figure, Safstrom sculpts a head to match the images she receives. She attaches it to a vinyl doll or action figure body, then adds clothing chosen by the client to make a likeness in miniature.

This wasn’t the career Safstrom planned. But she was laid off from her corporate job in 2007, and with time on her hands she made an action figure for fellow YouTuber Zipster08.  When he put up a video showing off his doll the orders started coming in. Her business has grown to a full time venture.  She doesn’t look back at the career she left behind except to note that in contrast to the corporate life,  she loves what she does now.

Check out Be A Doll.

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