Coming Soon: A Bike Helmet For Lego Lovers

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I’ve reviewed helmets here at GeekMom for several years. I’ve told you about the unique hand painted helmets you can find at Inkwell Helmets.  Fellow GeekMom writer, Ariane, has explored the need for kids (and parents!) to wear helmets while ice skating. So when I saw this story about a company making a biking helmet that looks exactly like minifig hair I just had to share it with you.

How much more motivated would your Lego-loving kid be to wear a helmet if it made them look like a minifigure? Two advertising executives from the worldwide advertising agency DDB have created this very thing. After discovering that 44% of children surveyed don’t wear a helmet while riding a bike, they started thinking of ways to motivate kids to reach for a helmet before they climbed on a bike. Click on the video above to see how it happened.

Unfortunately, the helmet is not available for sale yet. But after reading GeekMom writer Karen’s recent post about her son’s minifig Halloween costume, I started to wonder if it would be possible to put together a do-it-yourself costume next year, complete with the stiff, brown minifig “hair” to top things off.

Make sure you click on the video and share it with your kids. Even if it’s not available yet, it’s a great video showing the process of idea and design, to completed project.


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