BrickCon 2013 in Seattle This Weekend

This weekend, Lego hobbyists present some of their best “builds” to the public at the 12th annual BrickCon in Seattle. While Saturday and Sunday are open to the public, Friday was set aside strictly for those that are most passionate about the iconic brick. Attending with my son, I had a chance to peek in on the activities on Friday as the builders assembled—or reassembled—their creations for public viewing. Some attendees came from quite a distance—New Zealand, Great Britain, and Germany were in the house, as were plenty of builders from the United States and Canada. Roughly 400 hobbyists brought creations to display.

There were plenty of geek-worthy entries—take a quick tour of some of the highlights with me.

Inside the Batcave:


All photos: Kris Bordessa

The City Pool complete with swimmers. Check out the lanes under the “water.”



Note the tentacles on the octopus.


The white tree of Gondor, the white horse of Rohan, and the white hand of Sauraman.


Kermit the Frog serenades a mosaic Grumpy Cat.


Disney fans will adore this scene from Disneyland.


My money was on this epic build of Seattle’s Space Needle built by the director of BrickCon, Wayne Hussey…
Until I saw Rivendell.┬áThe stunning—STUNNING—recreation of Rivendell. Stay tuned for more on that project—I had a chance to talk with one of its creators—but here’s a glimpse.
BrickCon Seattle continues this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 5 & 6. Tickets are $9 per person or $32 per family.

Kris Bordessa

The author of several hands-on activity books for kids, Kris Bordessa has a thing for transforming perfectly good garbage into craft projects. Her book, Team Challenges: Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication, and Creativity, features more than 200 team building activities that have been used with youth groups, in the classroom, and even at the occasional wine party. She lives in Hawaii with her family, where she writes about her experiments in gardening, real food, and greener living for Attainable Sustainable.

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