Preview: Birds of Prey #23

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I started reading the Birds of Prey new52 relaunch but admit, dropped the title when it was clear this was a complete rewriting of the Black Canary I’d come to know. Gone was her history and she was a reworked version of the original Black Canary, a possible interloper from a parallel Earth.

But Christy Marx (Jem) came on-board the title with issue #18 and the title caught my interest again.  Canary still isn’t the same but she seems like a character I might follow again. In this preview of issue #23 provided by DC Comics,  the Birds are locked in combat with the villains collectively known as Basilisk and the issue also promises the return of Canary’s thought-dead husband, Kurt Lance.

Art is by  Romano Molenaar and Jonathan Glapion.

The issue goes on sale Wednesday, August 21st.

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  • Steven Derrick

    The title’s definitely been picking up since Marx jumped on board. Canary is again a capable heroine not to be trifled with. I love it and the friendship she shares with Batgirl.