The April Fool’s Roundup: Jokes Around The Web

April Fool's Day, Google prank

Google Nose!

There are a few you always know to expect, starting with Google and ThinkGeek. Here are those, along with a few others we’ve seen this morning. Happy Don’t Believe The Internet Day! (Except the GeekMoms–we really have moved to this new site. What do you think?)

Ruth Suehle

By day, Ruth Suehle helps upstream open source software communities and tells people how to build fun things with a Raspberry Pi. By night, she fights crimes against craftiness. No, that's not true. She just makes things, which means her husband and kids know to watch out for stray pins and to ask before eating anything made of fondant. (Follow her on Twitter at @suehle.)
  • joy

    Nice ‘Communty’ and ’30 Rock’ combo there.

  • unpakt (@unpakt)

    Thanks for the mention! We’re really excited to be moving people to the moon this year (and giving visitors a fun way to kill a few minutes at work today!)
    xoxo –!

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