Beware Stick Figure Families: The Dark Knight Has Risen

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As a huge Batman fan, I couldn’t tell ThinkGeek “no” when they offered me a chance to decorate my car with Batman decals. I’ve used their Star Wars ones in the past, so I knew these would be easy to apply on my car.

I’m not one of those happy stick figure family people, so I thought this was a neat way to show my distaste for those annoying happy people. The set comes with two tombstones (mom and dad) and one Batman.

With recent events (such as Damian Wayne’s demise), I think they need to add a few more options for the set. It would also be nice to see a few other characters involved eventually, such as  Ace the Bat-Hound and Alfred.

Of course, that would mean more tombstones, because Batman can’t seem to keep some of his partners alive long enough to hit puberty (too soon?).

Either way, if your a fan of the Bat, check out ThinkGeek’s website to learn more about these creatively concocted decals.  If nothing else, use them to rebel against those happy stick figure families that so many people feel the need to stick on their back windows.

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