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Dragon*Con Diary: First Impressions

Just call me the Con N00b. Or the Con Virgin. Whatever you want to call me, when I offered to participate in the Geeky Parenting Panel at this year’s Dragon*Con, I didn’t realize how big an event it was. I could have tried a much smaller con first, but why would I want to do that when I had the chance to be part of one of America’s biggest geek parties?!? Read More


This Week With The GeekMoms

Sarah is looking forward to a visit from Santa this morning for some hopefully wonderful photo opportunities. She also plans to commence stage one of the big cookie experiment of ought eleven whilst fighting off the morning sickness that has decided to make a comeback for the third trimester. Amy is thrilled to have launched… Read More

Summer Travel Fun: Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park

Last weekend the family headed up to Atlanta for some fun sightseeing.  We had tickets to an Atlanta Braves baseball game on the Sunday afternoon of that weekend, but otherwise we sought out family-friendly, educational activities that wouldn’t break the bank. What to do…what to do…? Most families staying in downtown Atlanta would have considered… Read More

Summer Road Trip 2011!

  I’ve loved taking trips ever since I was a kid. My mom always made it fun for us, and we were fortunate to not get car sick. I loved seeing new places, and getting a change of scenery, literally and figuratively. I’ve always wanted my kids to see as many parts of the country… Read More