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Music Week: Baby’s First Jazz

My kids love jazz. We can listen to John Coltrane albums on endless repeat thanks to a single animator, Michal Levy, who explores “the visualization of sound.” When my daughter was a few months old, my husband discovered Levy’s animation for Coltrane’s Giant Steps. She was riveted. We showed the animation to our 1-year-old and… Read More


Music Week: Geeking Out With the Ukulele

“Play something I’d recognize,” an intrepid Hawaii traveler insisted when we visited the mainland some time ago. My son, the ‘ukulele player, played several traditional Hawaiian songs, drawing nothing but a blank look. Not sure what else to share, he played a standard Hawaiian vamp. “Oh, I know that one!” she swooned. For her, the… Read More

Welcome to GeekMom’s Music Week!

Hello. My name is Cathé, and I’m a music geek. I admit to studying all sorts of instruments including (but not limited to!) piano, flute, bagpipes, and trombone. Three years as a music education major pushed me into broadcast production and ultimately into writing for GeekMom. With this in mind, you will understand that it… Read More