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Late to the Game: Formula D

Formula D attempts to recreate the thrill of Formula One and illegal street racing in a board game. GeekMom Sophie shows us how well it did. Read More


'Scrabble' Meets the Periodic Table in 'Elemensus'

'Scrabble' Meets the Periodic Table in 'Elemensus'

Hands up, who has ever tried to make words from the elements on the periodic table? It’s a game that most people who have ever spent time in a science lab have played at some point, and Elemensus has evolved the concept into a fully fledged board game that will have you tearing your hair out trying to think of a word that incorporates the chemical symbol for lead or magnesium. Read More

Late to The Game: Dice Games

As fantastic as board games are, they can be very long and very complex. During game nights it can be nice to break up the more long-winded games with short, simple ones and dice games fit the bill perfectly. Here are three of my favourite dice games to play quickly between longer rounds of Catan and Magic. Read More

Late to The Game: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game brings space battles between the Galactic Empire and the Rebels to your tabletop by allowing you to fly your favorite ships from the Stars Wars saga into battle. I had never played a miniatures game before and was looking forward to trying out a whole new style of game-play in one of my childhood fictional universes. Read More