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GeekMom Review Roundup: 50+ Educational Games, Activities, and Apps

GeekMom Review Roundup: 50+ Educational Games, Activities, and Apps

I have reviewed dozens of educational apps, games, activity books and more, here is a roundup of over 50 of these, organized by subject. Read More


‘Timeline’ and ‘CardLine’: Quick Games That Teach You Something

I like to challenge myself by testing what I know, and if I get to learn something new in the process, all the better. That’s why I love trivia games. But straight trivia games (‘Trivial Pursuit’ and the like) aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why I look for games that add some other features or sophistication to the straight facts. Asmodee Games offers exactly that in its ‘Timeline’ and ‘CardLine’ games. Read More

Istanbul or Constantinople? Thinking About Names in Geography

I’ve been thinking about culturally sensitive geographic naming conventions that exist in our ever-shrinking global perspectives. It happens all the time, sometimes Americans are taught one name, but Europeans might be taught another. Here are but a few examples of naming conventions that have changed throughout history, or have differing names based on our backgrounds. Some of the changes are internal and peaceful, many are related to external power struggles. Some of the changes are simply a matter of restoring traditional names, some are related to winning a contest for a game show. Read More

Celebrate President’s Day with Google Earth

In celebration of President’s Day, Google Earth offers up an entirely new way to discover a little presidential knowledge. Their Explore Our U.S. Presidents map pinpoints where each President was from and offers an image of the President with links to more information. You can download the file and launch it in Google Earth or… Read More