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GeekMom Secret Origins: Our Weather Wizard, Patricia Vollmer

GeekMom Secret Origins: Our Weather Wizard, Patricia Vollmer

Patricia reflects on who and what made her the geek she is. Read More


Secret Origins of a GeekMom: Sarah Pinault

I’ve tried but I can’t go back far enough in my memory to trace my geek roots. I have memories of thoroughly enjoying the Star Wars spoof on Muppet Babies in ways that my friends didn’t, my first recurring nightmare as a child was Gmork from The Neverending Story, and I was fiercely competitive with… Read More

GeekMom Secrets Origins: Delphine Imbert

The word geek does actually exist in French. It’s even pronounced the same. But it came quite late. So did the other words depicting who I am, such as nerd. But there’s a lovely French word for “RPG player”: rôliste. And I’m a rôliste, since many, many years. So I figured I could be playful… Read More

GeekMom Secret Origins: Nicole Wakelin

The idea that I get to write a post about my “Secret Origins” makes me ridiculously happy.  I debated telling everyone I was bitten by a radioactive squirrel or some-such, but that would be embellishing the truth.  Only slightly though, as I was almost bitten by a very angry squirrel when I was a kid. … Read More