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Review: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Blu-Ray (and Some Swag)

Review: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Blu-Ray (and Some Swag)

This is DEFINITELY the Blu-Ray you’re looking for… Read More


How to Tell Us Apart: A Public Service Announcement From the Empire

Stormtroopers appeared in Star Wars Episodes IV thru VI. The most popular version wears all white plastic armor (usually shiny) and have buttons on their ab plates (typically black, blue, or both). The helmet they wear is pretty unique as well. A stormtrooper’s eyes are separated, where as the clone troopers have a one piece visor. Some of the different variations of stormtroopers include the sandtrooper and stormtrooper commander. Regardless of the variation, stormtroopers are all bad guys and serve the Empire. Read More

Sci-Fi Girls Finally Have a Home

Its easy for me to forget that famous people live normal lives.  They speak English and drive cars and worry about make-up and husbands and doctor’s appointments. I was pleasantly reminded of this when my phone rang one sunny afternoon.  “Beverly Hills, CA,” it said.  Someone who actually lived in Beverly Hills was calling me.… Read More