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As I age, I find myself counting the television calendar less by the return of my favorite dramas and medical shows and more by the shows I watch with my kids. Since we are dependent upon the Australians for Bluey, and we don’t have Netflix again until December, it is to my favorite yellow-faced characters that I must look. (This has long since ceased to be The Simpsons.)

One of our family’s favorite shows returns this weekend, with a fourth season and the 100th episode. Big City Greens ranks as the #1 Disney animated comedy of 2023 with kids aged 6-11. Speaking for my family unit of kids aged 7-14, I would say that checks out!

All Images: Disney

Big City Greens season four arrives on the Disney Channel on September 23 and plans to continue the way it started, in all its hilarity and ridiculousness. Season four will feature a plethora of guest stars, including Grammy-winning singer Michael Bolton, June Diane Raphael (Grace and Frankie), Margo Martindale (The Americans), and many more.

Created by brothers Chris and Shane Houghton, Big City Greens follows 10-year-old Cricket Green and his family as they transition from country life to the big city. In season four, the adventures continue as the family establishes yet another new normal with mom Nancy staying on the farm while the rest of the Greens return to Big City. I have to admit that I prefer the city part of Big City Greens, so I am excited that this will continue to be the focus of the family’s location. 

Episodes will also be available on Disney+ beginning Wednesday, October 25. You can also check out GeekMom’s interview with Shane Houghton.

While my kids are looking forward to many shows coming back this season, Big City Greens will be a welcome diversion this weekend.

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